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August 20, 2016


If. I have heard that word all my life. If.  If. If. Recently those two single letters have gained in such significance that their weight has become both daunting and  receptive, like  a hopeful optimism before a coming storm.  And yet the storm that is approaching is not one I will truly be able to […]

“I drink from a well I did not dig.”

April 22, 2016


The life I have led does not seem entirely mine.  I learned a few years ago that it’s not about me, but rather, the collective ‘you’.  Every endeavor I’ve set out on has not been one of solitude, but one of solidarity.  I’ve learned that, yes, I can be the hero of my own story, […]

Much Appreciative

November 11, 2015


As a child growing up in the high plains of Texas, I never fully grasped the importance of Veteran’s Day.  Numerous family members of mine proudly served in various branches of the military, and yet, there I was, some goofy, butterball of a child, that was oblivious to the American veteran.  It was not until […]

Happy Birthday!

November 9, 2015


When I talk to people who have never had the pleasure of meeting my mother, I always say, without fail, “She is the nicest person you will ever meet.”  It is a grand claim, yes.  But, it’s true.  Like most people, I am indifferent to the passing souls who play bit parts in my everyday […]


April 23, 2015


Day in and day out we are faced with choices; some pedestrian and routine while others have the capacity to shape who we are as people.  Within all of us is a moral compass and for a vast majority that compass is not corrupt nor misguided.  Do the right thing.  Always.  You will  be happy […]


April 18, 2015


Why is it that politics brings out the worst in people?  Will America really go to hell in a hand-basket if Hillary Clinton is elected President?  If Senator Ted Cruz were to win the presidency would this great nation implode? No.  America as we know it will continue to be.  The only difference is that […]


December 31, 2013


I was told today to read the Bible because, as the kind lady at my front door said, “We could all learn something from it”.  With more than a chuckle but less than a full on laugh, I snorted and told the sweet, elderly lady that I probably never would unless it was required for […]