“I drink from a well I did not dig.”

Posted on April 22, 2016


The life I have led does not seem entirely mine.  I learned a few years ago that it’s not about me, but rather, the collective ‘you’.  Every endeavor I’ve set out on has not been one of solitude, but one of solidarity.  I’ve learned that, yes, I can be the hero of my own story, but no hero acts alone.  I owe much more than can ever be repaid to all those who have come before me; each of them instilling in me both vice and virtue.  I have learned that the road less traveled provides some of the greatest companions a person could ask for.  I’ve learned it is okay to cry and it’s okay to not know what to say.  But most of all, I learned that hope is not lost.

I learned that I can be happy.  And that happiness is, in part, my doing, but mostly due to all of those who have come before me.  I know I am not perfect, but I have learned to live a life based in compassion.  I may not always succeed in being the person I strive to be, but I won’t stop trying.  I am not in this alone and neither are you.


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