Posted on April 18, 2015


Why is it that politics brings out the worst in people?  Will America really go to hell in a hand-basket if Hillary Clinton is elected President?  If Senator Ted Cruz were to win the presidency would this great nation implode?

No.  America as we know it will continue to be.  The only difference is that our head of state will change in a peaceful manner as it has done since the days of the great George Washington.

Yes, of course, each side will bemoan the system.  Name calling will continue and the cycle will once again be put on repeat.  As it has done and as it will always be done until the end of time, amen, thanks for coming, we’ll see you again in four years…

So then, why, with this inevitability always present, is compromise, or at the very least, a bit of understanding never achieved?  Is it as something as petty as which side of the political isle or is it simply human nature?  I recently ran across this image:


This image says more about the person who posts it than it does about Hillary Clinton or the Democratic party, for that matter.  I do not want to live in a world where all my friends think, act and vote the same way as myself.  I read a fascinating article posted by a friend of mine named Jake Bellonzi entitled, “All Progress Depends on Unreasonable People”.  Now, do not get this tied in with the picture I just posted.  I reference this article because critical thinking is one of the most important things an individual can choose to do.  With social media in almost all aspects of our daily lives it is so very easy to post meaningless words and pictures without having to think about it or what they truly mean.  Too many times an individual will post something as true simply because it was posted online somewhere else, thus perpetuating their ideas and thoughts as being the right ideas and thoughts while all those that are in any way dissimilar are tossed aside as wrong.  What thought process was given to those ideas to be dismissed so easily?  Everyone has a right to believe what they want, but when those beliefs are based on superficial facts and untested data then those beliefs are rooted in ignorance.  The idea that people are to think for themselves has been ingrained into our American psyche since before anyone could remember.  But, it seems, that when those thoughts do not coincide with our own, then they are wrong.  Think for yourself as long as it is the same thing I am thinking, right?


Truly and sincerely think for yourself and welcome civil discussion when those ideas do not follow your own.  Ask questions and inquire as to why they think the way they do.  It takes a greater intellect to have a serious, thought provoking discussion than it does to post a silly meme that is the sum of their ideals.  You may not always agree but you have taken the steps to understand the other side.

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