Posted on December 31, 2013


I was told today to read the Bible because, as the kind lady at my front door said, “We could all learn something from it”.  With more than a chuckle but less than a full on laugh, I snorted and told the sweet, elderly lady that I probably never would unless it was required for a class of some sort.  She did not push the subject.  She hoped I had a blessed day and was on her way to spread the Word, according to her.

I am writing, again, about some aspects on my faith in regards to the Bible and what some say it “teaches” because what that lady said really stuck with me.  I have faith that God is real.  I pray, I give thanks and, in general, acknowledge His existence on a daily basis.  But in the same way I will not read an antiquated text from the Middle Ages to get a grasp on gene therapy or photosynthesis today, I will not read the Bible, a book told from the stories of men with very little worldly experience, in a time of slavery and oppression, in order to glean ideas on how to be a “good” person.  Why do we take it for fact that perhaps these men who translated and transcribed the Good Book did not do so to fit their agenda?  Change a bit here, omit something there and presto whores are now doomed to be stoned when in fact a simple shaming was all she got.

Who knows?  Like I said, I have never read the Bible.  Perhaps someone unfortunate enough to read my rantings will give me insight as to what the Bible says to them.  And to those people, I have a question: Why do some people pick and choose passages from the Bible that simply suit their view on things?  Again, maybe I am wrong, but shouldn’t it be an “all or nothing” type of thing?  If the Bible is to be exalted then why not live and breath the Word in its entirety?  By all means condemn homosexuality but in that same breath and with equal fervor admonish tattoos, scorn those who have had premarital sex and never again shall you “round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard” (Leviticus 19:27).

In the end though, these words will do nothing to combat the contradictory nature humans have with God and religion.  Others will always take it upon themselves to act on behalf of God while He is doing a galactic facepalm upabove.  In the same way our parents roll their eyes and shake their heads at our actions I would like to think He is the same way.  As for me, I don’t need the Bible to tell me how to be kind.  My mother taught me that.  I don’t need the Bible to tell me how to become closer to God.  I do that when I pray or when I go outside.  I thank Him for the rain and I thank him for the drought.  I pray to Him to watch over my friends and family.  But I think, above all, I simply talk to him.  Everyday I have some good conversations, though they are a bit one sided.  All these things I do and will continue to do without the assistance of the Bible.

Jesus save me…from your followers

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